celebrating my friend!

so I have a friend who has a really pure heart but had a really bad luck with all her past relationships.

but finally, she found someone through the matrimonial site who is as genuine and as pure hearted as her and she is finally experiencing a non-toxic relationship that is soon going to turn into marriage.

sometimes I wonder, how could people hurt someone who is so kind, I mean what do you expect from a person other than genuineness? she always gave proper time and attention and love and care to all her relationships and yet ended up being a fool.

may people reading this don’t go through any of the toxic shit ever!


you do you!

in a world where people are influenced by others, at some point of time you lose the real you.

it’s ok if sometimes you don’t keep up with the trend.

it’s ok if sometimes you don’t watch the series everyone’s watching.

it’s ok if you don’t like the song everyone likes.

it’s ok if you wear outfits that are no more in fashion.

it’s ok if you wear makeup when not required.

let’s stop trying to fit in other people’s world and let’s create our own world!

why you should never lose hope…

hope is something that keeps the world going!

being an international student in the united states and surviving on your own is not an easy thing. you need constant motivation and support to stay sane. but even when no one is there to give support, you still hold on to hope and keep moving. having been offered my first ever internship right when i was eligible to work in the united states is what i call the power of hope. it didn’t come easy. i had to apply to hundreds of jobs to get one internship. all i knew is i was gonna get a job at the right time!

grateful i didn’t lose hope!

I HOPE everyone reading this doesn’t lose HOPE too! things are about to change!


Just as they say that the angel number 222 symbolizes faith and harmony, I hope everyone who is manifesting their dreams into reality could get whatever they are wishing for!

If you are lost, I hope universe helps you reclaim your alignment. I hope it brings a perfect balance to your life. I hope you get all the abundance and excitement. I hope you experience spiritual enlightenment. And I wish you all the luck, to everyone who is reading this and to everyone manifesting positive vibes.


What do recruiters even want?

Getting straight to the point. What do recruiters even expect? No one is willing to give the internship, yet everyone expects to have some work experience. Some of them contact by themselves through LinkedIn, hype you up by saying you are the perfect fit for the position and then at the end reject you. What is with the hiring process? If you don’t even give someone a chance, how will you know their capabilities? You cannot judge a person just on the basis of a resume or experience or academics. Hiring managers these days really need some help.

Spread the word if you agree!

Friendship Ruined by Love

I have known him since we were 13. But we weren’t friends then. He was my classmate. He lowkey hated me because I was the favorite student of a certain teacher and was treated with partiality. Two years later he came back in my life but again it wasn’t a really great conversation. Again three years later he added me on Instagram and started replying to my stories which had funny memes and then started sharing memes with me. In the beginning we were just meme partners, but eventually things happened and along with sharing memes we started having deep conversations about life and became very close friends. I never got a chance to meet him again even though we were such good friends and then I left the country for studies. All these wholesome conversations had him falling in love, but he rejected himself as he knew my expectations from life were totally different from his and things wouldn’t work between us. He decided to remain friends forever. I never developed any feelings other than friendship for him. Even though he sent me all those wholesome messages, gave me emotional support and always listened to me, I thought he had moved on and did everything just as a close friend. But one night all of a sudden, he messages the most hurtful things saying he doesn’t want to keep the friendship because he couldn’t just stay friends after having feelings, also cannot do anything about those feelings. He said he just wanted to stay meme partners. It left me devastated. He knew my fear of losing people, yet decided to bring a distance between us. I thought about it and agreed to keep a distance to avoid toxicity, but he still kept sharing memes. I asked him to completely end all kinds of communication and that is when he decided to block me on Instagram. But he didn’t block me from other social media so I did that myself. I realized it was toxic when he replied disrespectfully to my texts and still continued sharing memes as if everything was normal. Removing him from life was very painful, I cried for the whole week, but I would rather take pain than consuming the toxic vibes. He was an amazing friend but his heart and soul were weak. I would never forget him, but I also would never want him back in my life. Some people are better left alone, even if you’ve known them for ten years.