If only you plan on getting into a serious relationship..

  1. Go on a blind date… ( but if you don’t feel the vibe, RUN)
  2. Hookup with a foreigner(s)… (you gotta know the taste of other countries as well)
  3. Go on a world tour or some big tour with your best friend of opposite sex.. (cuz after getting into a relationship, that’s difficult)
  4. Confess whatever you feel in front of your crush(s).. you never know who might be feeling the same.
  5. Get done with the threesome or foursome or whatever fantasies.. (if you have the desire)
  6. Personality development.. you gotta develop your inner as well as outer personality, not for impressing someone else, but for being confident while choosing the correct partner.
  7. Vibe alone.. go out on a date alone so you know what to expect from your partner and what to give them in return. Treat yourself the way you wanna be treated.
  8. Decide a song that you wish to dedicate to your special one.. if the person satisfies most of the aspects of that song, you know you are half way there!
  9. THINK.. why you wanna get into a relationship? Are you ready? Does it feel right? Trust your instinct.. never rush.. because better wait than date the wrong one…